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Kontura Supplement Launch

Kontura's BIG launch of its newest Detox Supplements, Liver Bloom and Flow Essence, took place at Chelsea Manhattan. We had express lymphatic treatments with Kontura-trained Lymphatic specialists and an invigorating Pilates class held by the one and only Zach Bergfelt. We are grateful for the entire community and everyone who came to celebrate with us and share their support.

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Kontura Wellness x Lift Event

Kontura Wellness and our founder Hana Ivandic combined efforts with Lift and its founder Kate Georgiadis
to arrange a charity workout session to sweat it out for a good cause—JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research

Foundation). Here’s how everyone showed their support!

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Kontura Wellness x Beks Athletics Event

Kontura Wellness teamed up with Beks Athletics to organize a wellness initiative where women got to
participate in yoga, dance, and Pilates classes held by New York’s finest—founder Hana Ivandic, Anastacia

Clarke, and Jenifer Hanna. Take a look at how it went!

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RevitalizeHerNYC: The Ultimate
Women’s Wellness Workshop

Kontura Wellness and our founder, Hana Ivandic, formed a connection with three exceptionally intellectual

women (Anya Rosen, Kate Georgiadis, and Monica Warek) to host a women’s wellness panel—
RevitalizeHerNYC: The Ultimate Women’s Wellness Workshop—to shed light on the importance of

lymphatic health, functional medicine, and fitness for women. Check it out!

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If interested in a collaboration or event sponsorship
please reach out to [email protected]