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We are all about revolutionizing your inner and outer beauty through holistic health practices designed to nurture women’s health. Join us on this journey to a stronger and healthier you!


Tailored coaching acknowledges and addresses your body's unique needs for hormone and digestive wellness, surpassing one-size-fits-all methods.


Achieve a toned, slimmer physique with personalized training for strength and confidence.

Body Treatments

Revitalize, purify, and contour your body with the "Hana's method" lymphatic drainage treatment that offers instant sculpting results.


About us

Holistic Health | Functional Medicine | Mindset & Well-being

We are dedicated to empowering individuals on their health and wellness journey. Our passion to optimize people’s well-being inspires us to create a community that respects their unique path to wellness. We do this by providing them with the support, knowledge, and tools needed to lead healthier happier lives.

Meet our Founder

Hana Ivandic

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two, an event that brought forth my passion for holistic health integrated with Eastern medicine. My upbringing in Croatia instilled in me a profound connection to these traditional healing practices as well as divine inner and outer beauty, driving my pursuit of a lifelong journey dedicated to learning about functional medicine, lymphatic system and well rounded fitness.  Ultimately promoting a lifestyle that is sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

While my initial health journey started with learning how to manage Diabetes through functional medicine, as the years unfolded, I recognized that many others face similar challenges, yet often lack the knowledge to embark on their healing journey. This realization fueled my desire to become Integrative Health Practitioner. Equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge, I am now dedicated to helping others achieve fulfilled lives through the application of advanced lab testing and personalized treatments.


In 2023, Hana founded Kontura Wellness, dedicated to empowering individuals on their health and wellness journey. Kontura offers lymphatic body treatments, fitness training (Functional Training, Yoga, Pilates), and health coaching. Sessions which range from $150- $525 are offered in New York City as well as virtually.


With over 10 years of certified life coaching under my belt, I’ve founded Kontura not only to nurture women’s health but to also allow women to embrace the “women’s health advantage,” that is, understanding their hormonal fluctuations and how they impact all aspects of their well-being.

Equipping women of every background, age, and fitness level with the essential knowledge and insight to work in harmony with their bodies, rather than opposing them, undoubtedly stands as the best step they can take toward taking control of their health and well-being.”

Hana Ivandic, Certified Life Coach, CMT, IHP2, RYT, CPT